Hike Like a Deer Hunter – How to Skulk Through the Woods

Our first lesson is stillness.

Not easy, perhaps, to generate or even locate deep quietude in frenetic modern times. But nature doesn’t tend to do frenzy for long – that realm prefers to remain tranquil, rational, and chary of waste. Sink into nature completely, and her reason and peace may come to you. The story…

Orwell’s Last Resort: Optimistic subtext in 1984

A literary pilgrimage can be rather fraught. One might journey to a famed writer’s studio or home, only to make a utterly unwished discovery – something that will diminish an author or his (her) work. But still worse, what if you gain zero insight – and the entire effort your trip required seems a waste? The story…

Learning the Ocean: The First Step in Attempting to Surf

Articles-Learn-to-Surf-ThumbHow can you learn to surf? Well, you’ll need to get your feet wet, of course. But you should begin by just letting the ocean flow into your mind and heart. The story… 

Flying Vintage Airplanes

p-40-warhawkx100Humanity has always dreamt of flight. To fully realize these dreams, it’s best to hop off modern jets and go back to the aircraft of the barnstormers. The story…

Take Trains to Bike Trails


It’s a marriage made in transit. Combining bike rides with train commutes can sure take one to interesting places. Board a Capitol Corridor train, stash your wheels in a well-designed stowage compartment, and light out for points west. The story…

New Habitat for Waterfowl/Human Recreation

Avocets at Cullinan Ranch.

It’s not just for the birds. It’s for you, too. The new Cullinan Ranch addition is part of a string of beautiful preserves arcing across the north end of San Francisco Bay. The story…

Three Family-Style Sierra Resorts

family-resortsx250A winter resort does not have to be large, does not have to be fancy, and certainly does not have to be expensive, in order to serve as a sublime site for snow-play. The story…

The saga of Badger Pass – one of California’s oldest resorts

It’s historic, it’s pretty, it’s close to Yosemite! But it also bears an amazing resemblance to an old-school resort from the Swiss Alps. This effect is by both intention and design. The story…

The San Francisco Bay’s amazing water trail

bay-area-water-trailIf you like to mess around in boats – or SUP boards, or kayaks, or rowboats, or dinghies – then public access advocates have blazed a trail for you, one that runs completely around the shore of San Francisco Bay. The story…

A new Coast Range wilderness and preserve

ospreyTrue, they’re not making real estate anymore. But they are preserving great swatches of it. Meet a vast new protected area in California’s long-overlooked yet remarkable Coast Range. The story…

Other Northern California Lighthouses

Close-up view of Point Bonita’s light from the land side. Photo by Paul McHugh.

Conquistador and explorer Juan Cabrillo sailed right by the narrow entry to San Francisco Bay without noticing it in 1542. For two additional centuries, other adventurous sea captains kept on missing the Golden Gate. Only after the entrance was discovered and ships began to seek passage into the bay in 1775 did they discover the strait’s dangers as well. The story…


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