Came A Horseman

A Hard Ride in a Fierce World

“Came A Horseman” re-imagines the Western as a post-apocalyptic adventure, with a murder mystery at the heart of its plot.

The Blind Pool

The nation is being invaded. One giveaway is a simple tattoo on a thug’s middle finger. That clue proves strong enough to direct military vets and investigative partners Dan and Carl to the heart of a global conspiracy.


“Rock-solid and soul-satisfying mystery. A superior story.”

New York Times bestselling author John Lescroart

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Meet the Author

Paul McHugh

I am a writer. I am a teller of tales.

I began as poet, but swiftly migrated into other genres. That’s good; had I stuck with poems, I might’ve starved! But I did learn – and yet believe – that the strengths of good poetry can also be the strengths of any good writing. This notion helped me launch into freelance reporting. Journalism next became not only the bread and butter, but also the meat of my long, careening career through many realms of writing. Now, I feel my years spent exploring real issues and real people mired in real situations stands me in excellent stead. It forms a solid foundation for a springboard, as I leap out into the infinite possibilities of fiction. Throughout my efforts, a particular aim has remained a guiding light: my goal always has been to write things that matter.


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New post-apocalyptic adventure with a murder mystery at the heart of its plot

Best Mystery , National Indie Excellence Awards

Best in Mystery Genre, Bay Area Independent Publishers Association

Acclaimed political thriller