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Archives: The Plane That Won The War

Four roaring engines on the bomber's silver wings vibrated the air above the tarmac, and the B-17 began to glide forward. Behind the plane's Plexiglas nose dome, a tall man sat straight and proud in the bombardier's chair. This was Colonel John C. "Red" Morgan,...

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Three Family-Style Sierra Resorts

Smaller, family-friendly ski resorts offer their own more-affordable charms at Lake Tahoe. Cross-country skiing reigns at Tahoe-Donner; Soda Springs offers Planet Kids. Granlibakken has snowplay, sledding and a modest ski slope. You can’t say that California’s...

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New Habitat for Waterfowl, Human Recreation

That darned pair of mute swans steadily out-maneuvered me. Plus, a breeze from the west slowed my kayak as I tried to position myself between a setting sun and that lovely pale duo so that I could take a photo. The swans weren’t frightened and didn’t bother to take...

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Sacramento Bee, August 17, 2016 Paul McHugh, Outdoors Writer California’s link to the Hawaiian sport of surfing goes back more than a century. Bay Area adventurer and writer Jack London helped to forge a lasting connection in 1907. After sailing his ketch Snark to...

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Take a Ride in a Time Machine

...with wings The Sacramento Bee, August 3, 2016 Paul McHugh, Outdoors Writer Stearman biplanes are sailboats of the skies. Not only because their tails have big, curved rudders that appear to have been swiped off yachts, or because they’re steered by a wooden stick...

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Next Door

Sacramento Bee, June 22, 2016 Paul McHugh, Outdoors Writer Hey there, breeze-seekers! Sure is growing warm ’round Sacramento. I suspect that you’d love to find a way to play around outdoors, yet simultaneously cool down a tad. Maybe you’d give extra points to any...

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Navy Seal Series

Stories on training, background, and history.

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North Coast Kayaking Series

A 400-mile, sea kayak voyage along California’s shore. A remarkable sequence of stories published in the San Francisco Chronicle and on S.F. Gate

Kayaking: A Pounding At The Bar

The gale blew itself out by midnight Friday, though we could still hear rain spatter on the roof of the steel building on Whaler Island where we’d taken refuge.

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A Forest Primeval

As we paddled out over the Klamath River bar, and turned our course south to head away from the Yurok village at Requa we saw hillsides swathed in Sitka spruce

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