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Badger Pass

Sacramento Bee, February 3, 2016 Paul McHugh, Outdoors Writer, Special to the Bee As a legend has it, the magic Scots village of Brigadoon comes to life once each century – but true love can help someone stay there longer. The historic ski haven of Badger Pass at...

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I am a writer. I am a story-teller. Stories are the way we tell ourselves about life, the earth, and each other. They are the way we create and order awareness. How we explain ourselves and all our deeds. The way we lead ourselves through a day, as well as how we...

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New Trail Provides Access Along the Waterfronts

BY PAUL MCHUGH Special to The Bee SUISUN CITY Water-sport fans, take heart: The sea won’t go dry despite the drought. Access to the ocean can begin with San Francisco Bay, essentially a long tongue of the ocean. A new and growing “water trail” system is devoted to...

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Coast Range Wilderness on Path to Preservation

BY PAUL MCHUGH Special to The Bee Brush grew so thick on the ridgeline I could not see a hiking companion just 20 feet away from me. I looked down at cuts on my hands and rips in my shirt, then gazed back up at the summit mesa of Cedar Roughs Wilderness. Despite our...

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Archives: Other Northern California Lighthouses

Follows the Course of Maritime History September 16, 2012 By Paul McHugh Conquistador and explorer Juan Cabrillo sailed right by the narrow entry to San Francisco Bay without noticing it in 1542. For two additional centuries, other adventurous sea captains like Sir...

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Archives: Foraging

Paul McHugh comments: I never met the fabled Hal Silverman in person. He was editor of “California Living”— one of three (count ‘em, three!) magazines that ran in the Sunday edition of the combined San Francisco Chronicle and San Francisco Examiner in the late 1970s....

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Navy Seal Series

Stories on training, background, and history.

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North Coast Kayaking Series

A 400-mile, sea kayak voyage along California’s shore. A remarkable sequence of stories published in the San Francisco Chronicle and on S.F. Gate

Surfin’ on Radio Waves

Unlike original adventurers and explorers on the North Coast, I arrived bolstered by the aid of a few excellent electronic devices, which I’m not embarrassed to admit.

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