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Archives: DeeJays

Paul McHugh comments: I’ll always feel grateful to the poets, musicians, actors, singers, potters, painters and other creative types that made Mendocino a counter-cultural mecca during the period I lived there, 1976-1983. One queen of alternate style in town was Liz...

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Archives: Outdoor Business

Paul McHugh comments: Nature has always been our teacher. This story, from 1985, reveals how outdoor adventurers Royal Robbins, Yvon Chouinard and others extracted lessons from their exploits in the wild that helped them achieve success in other realms. These visceral...

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Archives: Shasta Preacher

Paul McHugh Comments Call it creative mountaineering. When the Reverend Douglas Smith decided to live as a hermit atop Mt. Shasta to protest the war in Vietnam, it was a stroke that simultaneously brought him closer to fulfillment of his ideals, and much, much higher...

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Archives: Xmas on the Locked Ward

Paul McHugh comments: The meaning of Christmas gets reduced to basics on the locked mental health ward of a veteran's hospital. A day spent there during the holiday season a number of years back still resonates. Sometimes, the rather unhinged don't seem all that much...

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Reviews August 11, 2010: SF Public Press, Leslie Guevarra Book Review: Journalist spins riveting tale of murder and intrigue along the California coast. August 6, 2010: The Monterey Herald Paul McHugh will present his writing workshop "The Art of the Short Memoir" at...

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Deadlines and Dan Rather

“DEADLINES” and Dan Rather October 8, 2009 “Every reporter worth his or her notepad is a sleuth at heart. Paul McHugh brings this truth to life with crackling suspense and a true, ink-stained veteran’s eye for the newsroom.” Click to read how Paul McHugh won an...

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Navy Seal Series

Stories on training, background, and history.

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North Coast Kayaking Series

A 400-mile, sea kayak voyage along California’s shore. A remarkable sequence of stories published in the San Francisco Chronicle and on S.F. Gate

Gateway to Another Wild Zone

Heard enough stuff about nasty wind and thundering surf? We certainly had heard about – as well as endured – a bit much of those forces, ourselves. Then, good ol’ Mom Nature pitched us a change-up.

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