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Riders on the Storm

Aidan's beat-up kayak rode low in the water. He still kept trying to bail it out with that plastic cup he kept stuffed under his kayak's spraydeck. But the boat’s lumpy patches and cracked seams, tweaked open by all the combined torque of two hours spent riding big...

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Archives: BowHunt

Paul McHugh comments: Here! The first freelance story I sold for actual money, in 1979. A bit of background may amuse. For a present, my girlfriend at the time bought me a leather suit coat, a two-button blazer, a garment that would have looked just right on a Vegas...

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Navy Seal Series

Stories on training, background, and history.

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North Coast Kayaking Series

A 400-mile, sea kayak voyage along California’s shore. A remarkable sequence of stories published in the San Francisco Chronicle and on S.F. Gate

Harvests of a Harbor Town

When three major timber companies all yanked up stakes and fled Northern California, they left behind the sprawling, scrofulous fuzz of logged-over timber land, debris-clogged streams, idle lumber mills, idle loggers and idle mill-workers.

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Village by the Sea

Dark and early at 6 a.m., John Weed and I rolled from our sleeping bags in the waterfront shack of the Lost Coast Rowing Club that had provided us with a welcome refuge.

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Please Lend a Hand, or Get Out of Our Way

Some people wander into the magnificent landscape of the North Coast as trust-fund vagabonds, some purposefully drive up as leisure-seekers fueled by bulging retirement accounts, a few are billionaires who  choose to slum in the countryside.

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